Investment Advisory Services:

At Albright Investment Management, we realize that highly successful people do not always have the time, or expertise to manage their investments. Even if your portfolio is diversified, it may need the services of a Certified Trust Financial Advisor (CTFA) to help coordinate the assets, and select a suitable investment strategy. With our firm, we offer a dedicated financial services practitioner that specializes in managing, evaluating, and monitoring complex or high value investment portfolios for our clients.  As a first class provider of integrated trust management strategies, we routinely analyze daily investment activities (domestic and international) to ensure the success of our trust accounts.  We can handle all your non-discretionary investment management for a complete wealth management solution. We offer Strategic Investment  Decisions and Proactive Risk Management for clear and concise investment strategies.  *The adviser charges an hourly rate, or a retainer for providing planning services to clients on an on-going basis.  This is appropriate for clients who have a complex or rapidly changing financial picture.

Trust Administration Services:

Managing a Trust takes careful planning.  Choosing the right trust advisor is one of the most important decisions you can make as a Trustee or Grantor.  Selecting a Trust Administration professional with trust expertise and specialized knowledge can have significant advantages for the designated beneficiaries. At Albright Investment Management LLC we offer a full ranges of services designed to meet the needs of today's trustees.  From selecting a custodian to the record keeping and more you can be reassured that your trust  will be administered as it was intended in the trust agreement.  As an independent trust advisory company our advice is clear, and most of all objective with the flexibility to work with other investment advisors, attorneys, or accountants to help manage your trust assets properly.

*Administrative Trustee services and Personal Trustee Reporting services are available through Charles Schwab Bank, and Charles Schwab Institutional. 

We know how important your family's trust accounts are to you. That is why we offer your own personal portfolio manager, trust officer, and private banker providing first class financial services at our firm and a professionally managed account with Charles Schwab. All for less than most banks or trust companies will charge for comparable services.

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